Random Dishes

Sultan Grill House Menu

  • BubblyCheeseGarlicBread BubblyCheeseGarlicBread

    Cheese Flat Bread

    Half a flatbread cheese “pizza” 
  • Rice Platter Rice Platter

    Veggie Falafel Plate

    Falafel Pieces Served with Rice, Salad and a piece of Bread


  • Kabab Kabab

    Sultan Kabob

    Sultan Kabob:

    Beef Tenderloin Chunks and Beef Shami Skewer marinated overnight and Grilled to Perfection



  • Sultan Grill House's Cajun Grilled chicken sandwich Sultan Grill House's Cajun Grilled chicken sandwich

    Cajun Grilled Chicken Sandwich Add Cheese $1

    A tender breast of chicken lightly coated in our Cajun seasoning and grilled. Served on an artisan bun garnished with lettuce, mayo, onion and tomato. Served with fries or Caesar salad.

  • Halal soup Halal soup

    Soup of the Day

    Home-style soup prepared daily. Ask server for selection

  • fish and chips fish and chips

    Fish and Chips

    Lightly Battered Haddock with Home-Style Chips and Tartar Sauce



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