When food comes to our mind, all we can imagine is something tasty, juicy, yummy and appetizing. Nothing makes people happy and brings them together, except good food. We all need food to live and enjoy living. So are you tempted to eat the most exceptional halal food? Are you looking for the best steak house in town? If yes, rush towards Sultan Grill House where you will find the best halal food. Your taste buds will relish the delectable meals available.

Sultan’s Yummiest Kabob and Lamb Chops

Sultan Grill House’s kabob and lamb chops will satisfy your appetite. The kabob comes in some incomparable categories. Juicy grilled kabobs are also available, which are adequately marinated with herbs and spices. We aim to provide halal and delicious food.

The lamb chops have a separate significance. They are cooked to perfection and its taste has no comparison.

New York Strip Lion

Want to try something new and delectable? Go for the New York strip loin. It is one of our famous dishes. Make your taste buds happy, and your stomach happiest by filling it with our famous New York Strip loin.

Sultan’s Spicy Steaks

Sultan Grill House’s exceptional chicken steaks and halal beef steaks are finger-licking good and grilled to perfection. We present our chicken steaks made with juicy grilled chicken breast with a deliciously attractive look. We serve steaks with mushroom or peppercorn sauce which have a mesmerizing aroma.

More importantly, Sultan Grill House is best known for providing you with special halal beef. Sultan’s unique and mouthwatering halal steak also includes the best T-bone meat.

Afghan Cuisine

From mouthwatering desserts to tasty halal dishes, one of our expertise is Afghan cuisine. Sultan Grill House presents juicy steaks, chops, lamb shank, yummy kabobs and Afghani halal cuisine. The relishing Afghani rice and Waziri Kabob taste divine.

Sultan Grill House puts forward the ultimate cuisine from less to as much spice as you want. So, what are you waiting for? We care about you. Your satisfaction is our priority. So we aim to provide halal food. Do you want to know the best part? All these halal foods are available at affordable rates. So no need to worry anymore.

Whenever you feel away from home and all the delightful home-cooked meals, you don’t have to feel bad about it. You can fulfill your cravings by having delicious food at Sultan Grill House. We promise that you won’t be disappointed. We care about you and provide you with a soothing environment, friendly team and pleasant ambience. So make your booking now by visiting www.sultangrillhouse.com or call (416) 213 1977.